Made in the USA | MerlinLight® | Salt Lake City, UT

Artist – Susan Swartz


“The MerlinLight® presents my paintings in a magical light and vibrancy that evokes the same emotion to the viewer as I experienced in creating it.”

Susan Swartz



Artist – Pamela Nielsen


“The MerlinLight® captivates and intensifies the energy, movement and brilliant colors of my artwork.  The effect is jaw-dropping sensational.”

Pamela Nielsen Contemporary Art



Art Collector – Anonymous


“The focus that the MerlinLight® brings to the most beloved pieces in our art collection dramatically enhances our enjoyment of them in ways we didn’t know were possible.”

Private Art Collector
Boston, MA



Architect – Kristi Hanson


“The magic that the MerlinLight® creates in showcasing a piece of art is immeasurable.”

Kristi Hanson
Kristi Hanson Architects


Lighting Designer – Glenn M. Johnson


“One never wants to distract from the art collection by overpowering it with harmful or distracting light sources.  The MerlinLight® is the ultimate resource – hidden, U.V. protection and exact contour illumination.”

Glenn M. Johnson
Adaptive Design Group