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History of the Merlin Light®

Merlin E. Johnson Merlin Johnson began his career in the custom lighting field in the mid-1950’s when he worked as a machinist for Rudolph Pierre Wendel.  Mr. Wendel, the inventor of the original framing projector lighting system, mentored a young Merlin until his untimely and tragic death in 1955.

In 1968 Merlin opened his own firm, Artistic Lighting, and created his own version of the Optical Framing Projector.  Merlin capitalized on his experience with his mentor, Rudolf Wendel, and skills as a machinist, to develop a new, smaller and more efficient optical projection light, appropriately called the “Merlin Light”.  For the next four decades Merlin Johnson worked in the custom lighting design field using the MerlinLight® to illuminate some of the finest collections of fine art throughout the United States, Canada, and Japan.  Architectural Digest, Designers West, Palm Springs Life, and VOGUE magazine have published projects featuring Merlin Lights.

Merlin’s son, Glenn Merlin Johnson, bought the family-owned company in 2006 and moved its operations to Salt Lake City, UT.  Glenn had been mentored by his father early in his career prior to owning and running various lighting design and engineering firms in California and Utah.  Holding six patents for lighting related products and systems, Glenn focused on further improving the MerlinLight®.  His creativity and vision have produced various improvements in the MerlinLight® including a new mounting system and patented energy-saving CMH® Technology Lamp Retrofit System and the first AirTight/IC rated recessed projector light.  The most recent and possibly the most revolutionary improvement is the patent-pending Front Cone System allowing for quick and simple light framing adjustments.

*The MerlinLight® passes all safety requirements for the US and Canada and the airtight requirements for the State of Washington, The California Energy Commission, and The Energy Star Program.

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