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Each MerlinLight® is commissioned by our trained technicians.  The confinements are hand cut to precisely highlight your special artwork.

It utilizes the latest in energy efficient CMH® lamp technology.  CMH® lamps use less watts and produce higher lumens and cooler temperatures; they also meet California Title 24 and Energy Commission efficacy requirements.

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Any other light source for fine art is a compromise...

The MerlinLight® is a specialized art lighting system that has been enhancing fine art collections worldwide for over 40 years.  Its advanced technology produces precision lighting on selected objects and has been engineered to protect your art and furnishings from harmful UV rays.  UV output is well below the minimum levels allowed by museum curators for sensitive materials.

The MerlinLight® now offers the ability to project logos or accent lighting on the interior or exterior of buildings.  Using metal or glass globos, the projection can include intricate lettering and colors.

California Energy Commission Compliant
As of January 1, 2010 the California Energy Commission (CEC) requires that all lighting products be compliant with all applicable provisions of Sections 1601 – 1608 of Title 20 and Section 119, 130, and 150 of Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations

All MerlinLight® CMH® fixtures are listed and approved for use in California.
Click on this link to review our listing on the CEC Appliance Data base.
*** Note: 250 Watt Halogen does not comply with the CEC standards ***

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